World Dolf Federation

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The World Dolf Federation (WDFF) is the governing body of the game of Dolf.  Dolf is a darts game that combines Golf & Darts and was invented in the late 1990s in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – it is now a game that is available to all individuals around the world.

***  Special announcement that professional dart play Muhammad Ishfaq is now the president of the Pakistan Dolf Federation
Dolf is a game that requires the player to be skilled at shooting at all of the positions on the dart board and rewards players that can shoot the most difficult shots.
Click here to view a video of a Dolf game, complete with scoring hole-by-hole.
Download the new and improved Dolf Score Tracker 2.0 to track your scores (as seen in the video above) for practice and home tournaments.
See The Rules of Dolf for more details.